Steiff Snowy Owl Roly Poly Limited Edition


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At 19cm this Steiff SNOWY OWL ROLY POLY is made from the finest mohair in a mixture of cream and light tan. She has a unique ball-shaped body so you can sway her to the right or left – and a bell sounds and she will never fall over. Her head is jointed so you can make her look through different ways and she has a a smart yellow beak and just look at her eyes – large black shiny and surrounded by black high lights – these eyes help her see so far away! She has smart wings and on one is the famous Steiff button in the ear and white limited edition flag – we had to put it on her wing as she does not have ears! First Steiff Roly Poly animals appeared in 1909. Limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide. Surface washable. White label with famous Steiff gold plated button in the ear.


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